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Pewter work - pewter is great fun to work with for all ages & skills PDF Print E-mail

Pewter work as a craft is suitable for crafters of all ages and skill levels. Pewter is great fun to work with as it is a soft metal, which is so willing to be worked, bent and moulded into all sorts of shapes and art forms.

Pewter work projects can be fairly easy or they can be a lot more complex depending on your experience and skill level working with pewter. Pewter can be worked into striking jewellery, and bigger projects with interesting decor items for just about every room in your home.

Pewter work can include anything from pewter picture frames and bathroom mirrors to elegant pewter tableware including salt and pepper shakers, serving platters, spoons, candle stick holders and other functional pewter art work. Pewter work is easy to recycle if it does not come out quite right the first time.

Hand crafted pewter work seldom comes out the same even when repeating the same design again and again.

Pewter work books are available that include designs, hints and tips, templates and easy to follow instructions to get the best out of your pewter work.

Pewter spoon - bushbaby